Window & Door FAQ’S

What is a vinyl window?
What styles of vinyl windows are available?
What do you recommend for cleaning my vinyl windows?
How can I get rid of the condensation that forms on my window/patio door glass panes?
Can I paint my vinyl windows?
Can I apply a window tint to my products?
There was water on the inside of my window during a recent storm. Is this normal? How can I fix it?
Can I make my own adjustments to your products, or do I need a technician?
What do you recommend to clean the window glass?
The top sash of my double-hung window won't stay up. I put it up and then it slowly slides down. How can I keep the top sash in place?
How long is the warranty on Milgard Products?
Do I need to register my warranty online to be covered by the Milgard Full Lifetime Warranty?
I want to replace my existing entry door. What measurements do I need to take to ensure that I order a door that will fit my opening?
What are the steps to adjust an adjustable threshold?
Can I Have Glass in My New Fiberglass Door?
How do I decide which entry door is best for me?
What exactly is a prehung door?
What is a prefit or retrofit door?
I am replacing my existing doors. Is it better to use prehung or prefit doors?